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When it comes to wanting to sell wine, I’ve noticed how crucial it is to stay ahead of the curve when finding new customers and marketing your product.

In July 2023, IWSR released an article, Wine’s share of e-commerce sales continues to erode: How can it win back consumers? explaining that “wine’s share of the global e-commerce market for beverage alcohol is set to shrink over the next few years, but opportunities remain for brand owners to target untapped markets and new consumers.”

Concerning the wine industry, I’ve found that connecting with new customers can be challenging. While traditional avenues like liquor stores, restaurants, and wineries have been great resources for discovery, the digital space presents significant opportunities that may not be so obvious.

Where To Find New Customers?

The obvious answer for finding wine enthusiasts for your business may be at a liquor store, winery, or restaurant. The digital space is an excellent option for targeting, but how can you be sure you’re targeting the exact individuals you want to? 

Enter Winelikes– a groundbreaking app designed to cater to the exact needs of the wine enthusiast while also providing a platform for brands to showcase their offerings and sell wine. 

Group of people cheering with wine glasses up.

A Win “Wine” for Brands and Consumers

Winelikes is a win-win for both brands and consumers because it brings together wine lovers from around the globe. People who use Winelikes can use what they have in common to connect, learn, and explore the world of wine. 

By harnessing the power of Winelikes, businesses can boost wine sales by showcasing their product or establishment, engaging with potential customers, and having access to detailed analytics. 

Sell Wine By Showcasing Your Products

Winelikes’ user-friendly interface, niche audience, and user-generated content make it a unique advertising opportunity to target your audience and sell wine. By requesting a feature, sponsorship, or even submitting an event, you can quickly get your product or establishment in front of your target audience!

Building Brand Loyalty Through Engagement 

One of Winelikes’ best advantages is the genuine engagement and interaction between users. Through interactive features like polls, quizzes, event promotion, etc., brands can be the topic of conversation, gather feedback, forge meaningful conversations with their audience. By actively participating in these conversations, brands can build rapport with their audience and strengthen brand loyalty.

Keeping Tabs Through Detailed Analytics 

Winelikes provides detailed analytics to help you track your wine sales and customer engagement. These analytics give you insights into your sales performance and what your customers like, helping you make intelligent decisions to grow your business.

Plus, on Winelikes, you can follow hashtags related to your wine brand or industry. Following these hashtags keeps you in the loop about trends and lets you connect with potential customers interested in your products. It’s a great way to expand your wine marketing!

Leverage Winelikes to Sell Wine and Expand Your Customer Base!

By selling your wine on Winelikes, you’re not just boosting your profits but opening doors to potential wine club subscriptions. Customers are eager to share their experience on the Winelikes app when they receive their wine. This can turn one buyer into many more, helping you reach more people. Winelikes isn’t just for buying wine; it’s also where wine gets discussed and shared.

For more information about Winelikes and how it can assist your wine marketing, email us at!

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