Wine Bingo

How to Play

  • Download the Winelikes App and either bookmark this page or print it.
  • Play a square in a row or a column. For every square you play, post on the Winelikes app, and use #winelikesbingo in hashtags.
  • Once a user completes a row or column, they win $25!!
  • You can only play a square a day. Whoever finishes the row or column first wins! A new game starts every month. You cannot finish the row or column that you started the previous month.
  • Complete the whole board within 3 months and Win $100! Game ends Oct 1 / Jan 1 / Apr 1 / July 1
  • Double your money!! $50 a month / $200 every three by also posting and tagging us as a collaborator on Instagram @winelikesapp and using #winelikesbingo
  • Rest assured, we’ll keep you informed with regular updates on your bingo cards in the app.

🍷🥂 Sip, Socialize, Share, and Win!🍾💰

wine bingo board

Download the Wine Bingo Board