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I read Wine Enthusiast’s article, The Future of Wine, According to This Year’s Future 40 Tastemakers. Interestingly, this piece highlights what needs to change in the wine industry. Conner Taylor, one of the 40 tastemakers, said “I’d love it if people felt less intimidated by wine and approached it with the same level of comfort that many have with beer and spirits.”

We totally get where Conner is coming from. Venturing into the world of wine can be intimidating for beginner wine drinkers. That’s why we launched Winelikes – to make your journey into wine fun and stress-free.

Wine Apps: A Missed Opportunity?

Today’s wine apps aren’t very “beginner-friendly.” I’ve noticed that many apps require you to start by scanning a bottle you already like and then suggest similar wines. But how do you distinguish which wine you want to begin with anyway? It seems as if it’s more about selling than educating users on wine. 

The Pitfalls of Wine Jargon for New Wine Drinkers

Ben Bell, another one of the 40 Tastemakers, said “For sake, we try to take as much jargon out of the conversation as possible. Anything that can de-mystify the category and let people know, “This is for you, too” is the best.”

We agree with Ben. Wine jargon can be confusing for beginners. So, where can you find a one-stop resource to learn it all?

The Winelikes Difference – Winelikes makes learning about wine enjoyable. It helps users understand wine jargon through fun and interactive quizzes, making grasping these terms and concepts easy. Winelikes turns learning into a fun experience, even if you’re not a wine novice. 

Expanding the Conversation for Wine Enthusiasts

Alicia Towns Franken said “We need a new way of engaging consumers. Meet them where they are at. Help them trust their palate. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to enjoying wine. Let’s talk about structure and textures instead of Eurocentric aromas and flavors that not everyone has had before. What were the flavors in your childhood kitchen?”

We love this quote because other social media apps usually focus on individual bottles people love rather than the journey of discovering wine. This approach overlooks the exciting and educational path of exploring different wines and understanding what makes each unique.

The Winelikes Difference– Winelikes focuses on the story behind each bottle—what drew you to it and why you chose it. We encourage users to share their unique wine journeys, highlighting personal connections rather than traditional aromas and flavors.

Going Beyond Traditional Wine Pairings

Priyanka French said “Wine has a place on every table, so talking about it in reference to a wider range of cuisines, flavors, aromas, and textures is vital for the future growth of this industry. We’ve stayed traditional to the aromatic wheel of wine for a long time, and it is time to reconsider our language and lexicon as the first step to creating access and inclusivity.”

The Winelikes Difference – We got tired of the typical wine apps that only pair wines with generic categories like red meat, white meat, and fish. That’s why we go beyond by suggesting wines that pair with a wide range of cuisines and specific dishes you’re cooking. Have you ever seen a wine app pair with Slow Cooker Ethiopian Spiced Chicken? Or how about Black Lentil Stew or Pork Souvlaki with Tzatziki? We have! 

Step into the World of Wine with Winelikes

Winelikes was created to disrupt the norm by offering a comprehensive wine experience beyond purchases. It empowers beginner wine drinkers on their wine journey through a blend of wine education, culinary exploration, and multimedia content.

Winelikes is an all-encompassing wine app focusing on education, food pairings, and sharing your wine experiences with photos and videos. Download Winelikes today to start exploring wine in a whole new way!