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When I was receiving my undergraduate degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management, all my professors would preach that to have a successful hotel, all you need is location, location, location.

In 2023 Forbes released an article, “How Consumers Select Wine: Taste Trumps Price,” where the survey included a total sample size of 2,014 wine consumers from Italy, Australia and the U.S. It includes the major wine purchasing decision factors used and with the importance score provided by the consumers. So, what are the significant factors for someone in the US to buy wine?

  1. 100/100 – Trying A Wine, and Liking It

The most obvious way to choose a wine is through trial and error. Sure, it might take some time, but it’s the most genuine way to figure out what you like—or don’t like. You get to trust your gut reaction, and if you find a wine you love, congratulations! You’ve found your new favorite. Plus, on Winelikes, you can share your recommendations with others, making the discovery process even more fun.

If you’re a winery (or any business on social media), keeping an eye on hashtags is super important. It’s helpful on any app, but on Winelikes, it’s even better. You can target ads to people based on the hashtags they use rather than just interests, boosting your wine business with the most effective social media marketing!

  1. 53 – A Wine Recommendation From Someone You Trust

By sharing your recommendations, you can influence your friends to try wines you love. And why stop at your friends? With social media being such a huge part of today’s world, you can influence your followers too. That’s why Winelikes was created—a social network wine app where you can see what others are drinking and embrace wine education. Plus, if you’re a sommelier, your username gets a purple grape icon (our version of the blue check mark), and it’s free!

  1. 46 – Sticking with a Grape Variety

Many people choose their wine based on the variety of grapes. With Winelikes, we make it easy to direct message, anyone who uses a specific hashtag, for example, #PinotNoir. By doing this, you can offer them a discount to purchase your wine directly from your website—not a third party. This way, you capture the sale information, have the opportunity to convert it, and build a connection. 

  1. 42 – Cost-Effective Wine Shopping

Price can be a considerable factor when people choose their next wine to enjoy. The Winelikes app uses three variables to show you wines you might like. The first is the 5-star rated wines, the second is picked for you, and the last variable is $21 and under. We like this feature so consumers can feel included in the app if they want to spend less on wine. 

  1. 32 – Pairing Your Wine Selection With Food

Some people choose their wine based on the food they’re having for their next meal, and we make that process easy. Instead of just looking up a wine, our app lets you look up a specific dish. Not just generic like “salmon,” but detailed dishes like “Poached Salmon with Leek Beurre Sauce,” find wines that pair perfectly. 

  1. Other Factors that Influence Wine Purchases

There are, of course, other factors that influence wine purchases, like:

  • Brand: A known brand instills confidence and drives repeat purchases.
  • Region: Geographic origin impacts choices, with renowned areas attracting specific preferences.
  • Awards: High scores and medals from critics validate quality and influence decisions.
  • Packaging: Attractive and unique designs catch the eye and create a premium impression.

These factors, combined with taste, recommendations, grape variety, price, and food pairings, shape wine selections. Winelikes integrates all these elements, making wine discovery and selection a comprehensive and social experience.

Using Winelikes to Guide Your Next Wine Selection

Choosing the right wine involves a mix of personal preferences and various influences. Taste is the most critical factor; trial and error is the best way to find what you love. Wine recommendations from trusted sources, sticking to familiar grape varieties, cost considerations, and food pairings also significantly impact choices.

Winelikes combines all these elements in one platform, making your wine selection and discovery easy, fun, and social. Whether you’re a casual drinker or a wine enthusiast, Winelikes helps you explore, share, and enjoy the world of wine together. If you’d like to be a part of this, download the Winelikes app on the Apple app store or Google Play– cheers!