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…that you can control with your fingertips and use to gain new customers, that is.

In today’s digital age, the wine industry is blossoming online. In fact, in 2022, the e-commerce share of wine sales went from just 0.3% of the global market to a whopping 3%.

With the right approach, wineries can tap into a growing market segment ready to explore the convenience of e-commerce. The International Wine and Spirits Research (IWSR) has revealed a compelling insight.

While only 31% of wine drinkers currently purchase their bottles online, a significant portion is open to the idea, paving the way for digital platforms to revolutionize how consumers discover and buy wine.

Enter Winelikes, a social media wine app for the wine novice to the wine enthusiast with an e-commerce platform attached to it that isn’t just about selling wine; it’s about understanding and engaging with the consumer in a unique and personalized way.

With Winelikes, you’re not just a seller; you’re a curator, a guide, and a companion on your customer’s wine journey.

The Winelikes Advantage: Personalized Engagement

White and red wine pouring in glasses on wooden background

What sets Winelikes apart is its ability to let you know exactly what your potential customers enjoy.

Users share their wine experiences, preferences, and recommendations with their friends and the broader community of Winelikers. This transparent exchange of preferences is the key to Winelikes’ powerful marketing capabilities.

For example, when a user posts about enjoying a particular cabernet — perhaps not your brand — you’re handed an opportunity on a silver platter.

With Winelikes, you can reach out directly to that customer, engage them in a conversation about their tastes, and introduce them to your selection.

Offer them a visit to your website, enhanced by a personalized promo code, ensuring their first purchase is just the beginning of a long consumer relationship.

Case Studies: Direct Marketing in Action

bottles of red wine lined up in a store

Consider this scenario: A Winelikes user expresses their love for cabernet sauvignon. However, they have yet to discover your label.

With Winelikes, you can target them with a tailored message, inviting them to try your wine at a discounted rate through a promo code. It’s direct marketing that’s both efficient and personal.

Unlike broader social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, Winelikes offers precise and actionable data on user preferences.

This data isn’t just a list of likes and shares; it’s a window into wine lovers’ drinking habits and taste profiles, enabling you to tailor your offerings and campaigns with unprecedented specificity.

Beyond the Sale: Building Lifelong Relationships

couple clinking glasses of rose wine

The journey doesn’t end with a single sale. Winelikes is designed to help you convert casual buyers into loyal members of your wine club.

Through continued engagement and personalized interaction, you have the opportunity to transform one-time purchasers into lifelong patrons.

A Suite of Features to Elevate Your Brand

Pouring red wine from a bottle into a wineglass: wine tasting and celebration

Winelikes is more than a sales channel; it’s a comprehensive platform offering many features to boost your brand presence. Engage with your audience through sponsored quizzes, curated food and wine pairings, and exclusive events.

Each feature is crafted to deepen the connection between your brand and your customers, ensuring that your winery stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Winelikes: Your Partner in Wine E-Commerce

As we close the cork on this introduction, remember that Winelikes is not just another e-commerce platform; it’s a partner dedicated to helping you grow your brand and sales.

From direct messaging to event hosting, Winelikes offers a bouquet of tools designed to connect you with wine lovers worldwide.