Wine Bingo

How to Play

  • Complete in one month
  • You can complete a row or column or even play diagonally. You have one month to finish. Games start on the first of every month.
  • When completing a square post on the Winelikes App, make sure you tag @winelikesapp and #winelikesbingo. Winelikes will keep an updated board and track your progress.

The first person to complete wins a $25 gift card to Total Wine or a Visa Gift Card. Bonus play of an extra $10 if you also post on IG you completing a square. Make sure you tag @winelikesapp and #winelikesbingo

Once a winner is declared, the game will start over the next month.

Want to win $100?? You have 3 months to complete the whole board.

Wine Bingo

Download the Wine Bingo Board